Composite Materials Handbook, MIL-HDBK-17E

Volume 3,  PMC Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis

Volume 3 provides methodologies for the design, analysis, and manufacture of polymer matrix composite (PMC) structures, and for utilization of material property data provided in Volume 2.  Topics discussed in Volume 3 include processing, design, analysis, joint analysis, quality control, reliability, thick composites, supportability, and lesson learned.

Volume 1 - PMC Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials

Volume 2 - PMC Material Properties

Volume 3 - PMC Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis

MIL-HDBK-17-3E,  PMC Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis

This is an archived copy of the released Version E of Volume 3, dated 23 January 1997.  The most recent DOD release is also available through DOD.  Comments on the document may be submitted to the handbook secretariat.

Feel free to download the handbook in Portable Document Format (pdf). If you do not have pdf reading software, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Front Material  (33 KB)

1.  Introduction  (264 KB)

2.  Materials and Processes - Effects of Variability on Composite Properties  (306 KB)

3.  Quality Control of Production Materials  (46 KB)

4.  Design and Analysis  (2.2 MB)

5.  Design and Analysis of Structural Joints  (379 KB)

6.  Structural Reliability  (87 KB)

7. Thick Section Composites  (948 KB)

8.  Supportability  (40 KB)

9.  Lessons Learned  (141 KB)

Index  (8 KB)

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