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Stress concentrations arise from any abrupt change in the geometry of a specimen under loading. As a result, the stress distribution is not uniform throughout the cross section. This web site focuses on stress concentrations due to holes, grooves, notches, shoulders, and keyways. The results presented within this web site were determined from experimental analysis and then converted into mathematical expressions. Results are available for over forty geometries in tension, bending, torsion, and shear.

On each page, the user will enter:

  • Dimensions for his specific specimen.
  • The system of units:  SI or imperial.
  • The load or stress applied to the specimen.

After pressing the "calculate" button, results will be presented that include:

  • Gross and nominal stress concentration factors.
  • Gross and nominal stresses.
  • A design plot that shows which dimension ratios to use for optimizing a design.
Warning:   No attempt has been made to make the calculator code of this web site bulletproof.  Read instructions for input limits carefully.  No attempt has been made to thoroughly debug or check the code.  Some modules are incomplete and/or might malfunction, but are supplied as-is, whether complete or not.  No attempt has been made to verify the documentation nor the listed SCF formulas.  Verify your results using multiple sources.
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