Fastener Stress Analysis References, On-Line
  • Bolt Preload Calculation, Garrett D. Euler, Apr. 2002.   Theory and equations for computing bolt installation prestress.
  • Criteria for Preloaded Bolts (new pdf), NASA JSC NSTS-08307A, July 1998.   93 KB PDF file (ftp).  Requires approximately 19 seconds to download.  Contains equations for bolt stress analysis, including installation prestress and margin of safety calculation.
  • Fastener Design Manual, NASA GRC RP-1228, Richard T. Barrett, 1990.   Warning:  This 100-page book is a 9.6 MB PDF file (ftp).  Extremely large!  Requires approximately 40 minutes to download!  Excellent entry-level introduction to fasteners, fastener analysis, bolt pattern analysis, and equations, but does not really explain how to include fastener prestress.
  • Torque Limits for Threaded Fasteners, NASA MSFC-STD-486B, Nov. 1992.   1.8 MB PDF file (ftp).  Requires approximately 7.5 minutes to download!  Contains isolated details regarding bolt prestress but does not contain equations, and is generally a poor-quality document.
  • <currently unavailable> Preferred Space Flight Structural Fasteners, NASA MSFC-HDBK-2071, Oct. 1992.   0.58 MB PDF file (ftp).  Requires approximately 3 minutes to download.  This is a list of some of the fasteners preferred in aerospace structural applications but is certainly not exhaustive.  Generally, any 1100 MPa (160 ksi), A-286 bolts having an NAS or NA part number are high-strength, aerospace-quality fasteners.
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