Composites References, On-Line
  • Composite Materials Analysis, Robert Matthews, April 2001, 92 pages.   1.7 MB PDF file (ftp).  Requires approximately 7 minutes to download.  Excellent introduction to composites and excellent composites analysis guide!
  • Composite Materials Handbook, MIL-HDBK-17E.  USA military handbook of composite material properties.
  • Basic Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates, NASA MSFC RP-1351, A. T. Nettles, Oct. 1994, 97 pages.   3.4 MB PDF file (ftp).  Large!  Requires approximately 18 minutes to download!  Composite plate analysis equations and theory.
  • Handbook of Analytical Methods for Textile Composites, NASA LaRC CR-4750, Brian N. Cox, March 1997, 169 pages.   2.23 MB PDF file (ftp).  Requires approximately 8 minutes to download!  Very detailed theoretical manual regarding lay up properties and computation of strength of laminates.
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